Origins and taste

Simple words, rich in values and traditions, express the heart of our "Sapori Sinceri" line of speciality foods. Savouring the finest recipes from Italian cuisine, you will rediscover forgotten flavours and fragrances, the flavours of fresh, genuine ingredients, flavours selected with care and transformed with passion, flavours guaranteed by Demetra.

From nature to your table

From nature
to your table

Raw materials

Sapori Sinceri line products are selected and created to enhance foods and spread knowledge of their qualities, with an understanding of where they come from and how they are processed to retain their characteristics intact. We want to join you in building a new awareness, and to spread knowledge of tradition and the wide variety of dishes available. Raw materials

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Demetra's experience guarantees the success of this process, which can delight the palate with a unique tasting experience, generated by the wonderful outcome of a blend of industrial and hand processing.

Responsibility and sharing

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A tomato can't change the world, but the way it is grown, harvested, selected and cooked can.

This is the founding principle of our Sapori Sinceri line. We want to treat our food with the importance it deserves, find out about the origin of raw materials and the work of producers and suppliers, follow the seasonal rhythm, respect the environment and, above all, be aware of the influence of what we eat every day on our lives and those of other people.

We share with you the importance of serving safe, controlled, quality foods, day after day. We also dedicate special attention to developing selections especially for those with specific dietary requirements.


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